Artist Statement

My love of photography means self-expression to me and my interpretation of the world around me.

As a young girl I would walk on the beach, or stare into the running water of a creek, or climb a mountain to look out across the hills of thought provoking trees. This seemed to heal all worldly wrongs for me Nature was my mind healer, my heart soother, and my place to let go of all worldly things and enjoy the awesome surroundings of outdoors.

Always in love with nature and its inhabitants, I found that photography opens me up to interacting with others.

When I am out in nature I am led to the best places for photos. I get the feeling I have to have that shot because it is so special. If I don't get the same shot that is in my mind I must go back until I can accomplish my vision of that photo.

My camera and I create a world of Wonder, Mystery, and Beauty to be shared with people around the world. It expresses the often unseen love and spirit of the universe.

Please contact me with any questions! I can offer prints on Aluminum and Custom print sizes on request.